Gary Hawkes  

Stringing:  Wide selection of Synthetic Gut, Multifilament, Poly, Co-poly, and Natural Gut.  Stringing done on a top of the line Wilson Baiardo electronic constant-pull machine.

Racquet customization:  Static weight, swing weight, balance, grip size can all be modified.

New tennis equipment:      and .  Complete line of new racquets, clothing, footwear and accessories available.

Balls and Accessories Wilson US Open, green, orange, red balls, grips, over-grips, vibration dampeners, wrist bands.

Ball Machine Rental:  Silent Partner SMART high performance portable ball machine available to rent.

Used tennis racquets (adult size):  Sold on consignment.  Please enquire for details.

Used tennis racquets (junior sizes): Sold on consignment.  Please enquire for details.

Court Supplies:  All court supplies (nets, windscreens, etc.).  Quotes provided upon request.  Please enquire.

Phone:  (613) 612-0910

Location:  70A Léonard Ave., Ottawa, Canada  (1 block south of Sunnyside Ave. and 2 blocks west of Bank St.)

E-mail:  garyhawkes2@gmail.com

Website:  www.performancetennis.ca

Hours:  Available most days and times.  Please call, text or e-mail to confirm.  I live next door, so if the shop is closed please just give me a call.

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